CFKC 28 Day Challenge

Love, Feel it, Give it, Spread it. 

Acknowledge it, Accept it, Receive it.

Love your life. Love your body.

Love your family. Love your friends.

28 Days of Love

Challenging you to soak up all the love that your coaches give to you. 

Challenging you to love yourself. 

Challenging you to spread the gift of love to others. 
Over the next 28 days. We would like to help ignite a fuse that will burn throughout the months of 2017. Using these four weeks as a launching pad to your greatest year, to your greatest you. We would like to supply you with fuel that will drive you toward a passionate pursuit of your goals. We will offer inspiration to help support your efforts. We will share our knowledge to get you where you want to go. Whatever your desired goal is; we are here for you. Are your ready for this?!

To join, start and participate in this lovefest is easy. If you haven’t done so already; take a few moments to figure out what you’d like to get out of the next 11 months. Where would you like to see yourself? What are some short, medium and long term goals you’d like to work toward accomplishing? Once you’ve established a list of objectives; it’s action time! We want you to go to work! 
It all starts with food. Whether you’re looking to drop some unwanted pounds or gain some lean muscle mass, we want you to take it next level. We’ll provide you with web links to a wealth of nutritional information that we’ve gathered for you. We challenge to make this a month of clean eating and living! For some it’s going to be no alcohol. For some no desserts. For some you may look to cut back on your caffeine intake. For others it might be eating more fruits and vegetables. Some of the greatest gains in health and fitness are derived from dietary modifications. Whether it be information or inspiration, we’re eager, ready and available to help support your efforts. 
We challenge you to move daily! Get to the gym! Get outside on your off days from the gym. Make it to your CFKC workouts consistently. Make a concerted effort to work on skill development in areas of need. Set some lifting prs. Get a strict pull-up, string together some toes-to-bar, get your double-unders! Perfect your squat! The list goes on and on! Whether you have gym goals or would just like to get more consistent with your training; let this be your month! And the movement is not limited to the gym! On your off days you’re encouraged to get out there and hike, swim, bike, or surf. Check out a yoga or martial arts class. Do some mobility work at home! We just want you moving in some capacity every day! 
Accountability and camaraderie can play a big part in your success over the 28 Day Challenge. You’re going to love how you’re looking and feeling. And we want you to spread that joy! Tell a friend. Get a family member who needs this to join in the fun. Give yourself the gift of a training buddy to help keep you honest and motivated. Give a loved one the gift of fitness. During the 28 Day Challenge, we are offering a special introductory price of $200! This includes 4 orientation sessions and a month of classes! You will also receive $25 off your next month’s dues for any referral that signs up during the month! 

Find us on Facebook. We have a group page; CFKC 28 Day Challenge of Love. Please use this forum to share your daily victories and accomplishments. Tell us how you moved that day. Share your recipes and strategies that you’ve employed to up your nutrition game. Post pictures, comments, and any words of encouragement that you’d like to share. 

If you have any additional questions please feel free to email, call or text us. 

It’s time! Let’s get to loving!

Kelvin Nivens