Open ending, New beginning


The last five weeks have been amazing. A big Kel-Core salute goes out to all CFKC warriors and soldiers. Watching all of you rise to the challenge of the Open workouts has been wonderful to witness. To say that I am proud of all of you is a huge understatement. I saw courage. I saw fierce determination. I saw strength in the face of adversity. I saw success! Hopefully, we all have some positive takeaways from this year's Open 2017.

Often, the challenges of these workouts inspire us to higher levels of fitness and motivation. Whether it's an increased aerobic/anaerobic threshold, a stronger squat or deadlift, more technical skill and proficiency in gymnastics and the Olympic lifts, we all have an opportunity to garner important information from these five weeks. Strengths and deficiencies in our fitness make themselves apparent. Our response and reaction to our performances in the workouts can greatly influence the coming year's training. Disappointment and dissatisfaction can be a great teaching tool. The Open provides us with a testing template to measure our gains in fitness over the year. Use this time after the season to reflect on your performance. And what that tells you about where you are in your fitness journey. Envision where you'd like to be in a year. And let's get to work! The off-season starts Monday, April 10th! Start Strong, Stay Strong, Finish Strong!


The Magic of the Open! 

Kelvin Nivens