28 Days and Beyond...

February has come and gone. And while those 28 days have ended, 2017 continues to move forward. Here at CFKC, we dubbed this past month as 28 Days of Love. Our objective was to help ignite a fuse of inspiration and motivation to fuel your efforts throughout the remaining months of the year. Our intention was to establish a solid launching point to springboard into your greatest year, your greatest "you"! Now that we are cruising into the month of March it is important that we maintain focus in our pursuit of desired goals. However big or small they may be. We would like to see everyone take advantage of the momentum gained with the impetus of a challenge month. Hopefully the forum of information, education and inspiration that was fostered last month continues to grow and cultivate in our community. Starting Strong, Staying Strong, and Finishing Strong!



Kelvin Nivens