Back to Basics

With our strength and conditioning regimen we are constantly faced with challenges that inherently coax us to continually improve. Our goals as athletes differ  based on individual needs, and desires. Despite these variations; we all want to get better. A stronger athlete, a more skilled athlete, and a fitter athlete. Whether it is a heavier squat or deadlift, a faster 2k row time, a stronger snatch and clean and jerk, or potentiating your pull-ups and push-ups. We all seek progress. Better today than I was yesterday. In our quest for success it is important that we remember that in  order to move ten steps forward; we must sometimes take one step back. In doing so we gain valuable insights from a focus enhancing perspective.

Our programming over the last week is reflective of this one step back method. Regardless of our experience or level of fitness, going back to the basics is imperative for long term success. The basics are the fundamental foundation upon which our system is built. They are the building blocks for all movements. And they must be mastered before moving on to more advanced iterations. As we enter the second week of our off-season training. There will be a continued emphasis on getting back to basics. Over the next several weeks, we would like to see increased proficiency with motor control patterning. And a better conceptual understanding of complex skills. Leading to better movement mechanics. We're hoping to see increases in lean muscle mass, thus greater force and power production. And increases in the integrity of connective tissue, thus greater stabilization and ability to engage the engines that drive our exercises. Trust yourself, trust your coaches, trust the process.

Kelvin Nivens