And So it Begins

Monday, April 10th marks the official start of our CFKC off-season training. Our workouts are designed with a phasic model. The year is segmented into multiple cycles.  Each cycle varies in length of time, purpose of intent, and targeted objectives. The overall goal is to be at our peak conditioning levels for the five weeks leading up to the Open and the five week Open span. After completion of the Open workouts; we have received valuable information in regards to where we are with our fitness. Weaknesses as well as strengths have been exposed. Our appetites have been whet with desired goals. There are gains and ranges of improvement to be made across the board in strength, conditioning, endurance, stamina, and skill acquisition. The off season is where we throttle down from the intensity of the Open. Now is the time to regroup mentally and physically. What does that mean? What does that look like? Back to the basics my friends. Time to focus our energy and attention to healing our bodies with sound nutrition and proper recovery methods. Maintain consistency with our workouts at the gym, but also take time to enjoy the wonders of spring time in Santa Cruz. Walks, hikes, biking treks, ocean and pool time, basketball, volleyball, soccer. Anything that lets you take advantage of the great outdoors. Those things as well as quality time with our family and loved ones is always a priority. Find that balance. In the gym we start implementing progressions and technique tools to help re-establish or acquire new levels of proficiency with movements. We get back to foundational elements to establish a solid base upon which we can continue to build throughout the entirety of our training year. We get stronger, we get better, we get fitter. Trust the process, pay attention to the details. Focus on the minutiae. Come prepared, come ready to work. Come eager to learn. Jewels of knowledge will be dropped on the daily. It is a very exciting time of the year. The seeds of your efforts planted now, will bear the fruits of success in your future. First we grow, then we glean. You know how we do! Start Strong, Stay Strong, Finish Strong! 

Kelvin Nivens