Something Special

A lot can happen in an hour. This is the typical time span that marks the beginning and end of our workouts. Those sixty minutes spent in the gym can be the most important and rewarding hour of the day. Every class, every training session is an opportunity for something special to happen.  Most benefits of working out are well-known. But there are many that may not be as obvious or apparent. The sweat, heavy breathing, and sore muscles after working out make the physical benefits very evident. But that is only part of the story. Each workout presents us with chances to learn more about ourselves and our bodies. A closer look and deeper interpretation of our workouts can reveal lessons that transcend the walls of the gym. Confidence, and the courage to apply strength enhanced through exercise during times of need is a huge but often overlooked benefit of our training. Learning to fight through tough challenges in the gym can help us battle through life's adversities. Every time we step into the gym. We create potential and possibilities of self-discovery and improvement. We also develop meaningful relationships with fellow athletes. While every workout may not be stellar. We are still presented with chances to be more compassionate, more patient, more diligent,, more focused, more humble, more proud. Even on days when we have a sub-par performance we can walk away as better people. Knowing that something special is happening every time you come to class should be all the motivation you need to stay committed to your pursuit of health and wellness. 

Kelvin Nivens