Move Better, Move More

Basic and simple. Profound and effective. In order to get better and do more. We need to move better and move more. Our strength and conditioning system is evidence based fitness. It allows for metric observations to track our progressions in pursuit of optimal health and wellness. Key components to ensure success are proficient motor control patterns and the mobility and extensibility to access required ranges of motion. 

In strength training our work will be limited by technique not load. There is a intended and direct relationship between increased technical skills and putting up higher numbers in our lifts. The better we move. The better we lift. 

Focused attention to detailed points of performance along with perspicacious observation of more subtle nuances can advance our technical proficiency. Thereby leading to increased numbers in our strength movements. And potentiating our work output in other modalities of fitness. Never stop chasing quality of movement. Look for ways and means to increase conceptual understanding and physical mastery of drills, progressions and exercises.

While we are often challenged by the technical complexity of certain movements. We are also challenged by the range of motion demands. We spend a great deal of class time prepping for these ranges of motion with varied mobility and flexibility work. At this point we should all be familiar with basic mobility tools for all the major areas of our bodies that we stress during training. Finding time to consistently utilize these tools can make a huge impact on the quality of your success and results. Don't wait for the mobility class that you take once a week to work on your problem areas. Five minutes of work per day is not a great amount of time. However, the the resulting effects of this time spent is huge! Start Strong, Stay Strong, Finish Strong

Kelvin Nivens