Kel-Core Nutrition


The pursuit of optimal wellness that we all seek starts with food. We are only as healthy and strong as our eating habits. Our success in the gym and life is fueled, supported and reflected through our daily food choices. We are excited to announce the start of a new chapter here at Kel-Core. Starting in September, 2018 we will be offering comprehensive, ongoing, one-on-one nutrition coaching. Resources, support and motivation to guide your nutritional journey will be provided and include educational emails, videos and a mobile app. You will have access to important tools for maintaining focus, discipline, and accountability. Whatever your nutritional goals, this program can help take you there and beyond. The time is now! Let’s eat to succeed! Contact us today! Set up an appointment for a free consultation to start a path of success to your healthiest, fittest, and most confident YOU!


CrossFit Kelcore offers a choice of programs that allow you to tailor your workouts to your specific interests and goals. You may elect to participate in one fitness program or combine two or three to keep your motivation high and your progress steady.