Kel-Core Warrior


Kel-Core Warrior is a fun and dynamic calisthenics-based class. Using strength and conditioning exercises from various martial art disciplines you will build a fit body while developing your strength and confidence. Sweat your way to success while taking on a warrior mindset. With a physically stronger body and a mentally tougher spirit you can tackle whatever daily struggles or endeavors that life may throw your way. The class will consists of mostly body weight resistance exercises, punching bag work and time tested routines that will get you and keep you in fighting shape! Classes take place five days a week. Let's get WarriorFit strong!

Equipment: comfortable workout attire and suitable athletic footwear. Boxing gloves and hand wraps are also required for bag work.

Class times


CrossFit Kelcore offers a choice of programs that allow you to tailor your workouts to your specific interests and goals. You may elect to participate in one fitness program or combine two or three to keep your motivation high and your progress steady.